Upgrade to LED and Enable Your Future

Good lighting goes beyond a better-looking space. LED upgrades unlock smarter business outcomes powered by problem-solving technology. Upgrade your space to LED and connect to new business outcomes with our 75 years of quality, reliability, and product performance.

About Universal Douglas Lighting Americas (UDLA)

We design, manufacture and market end-to-end lighting solutions.

UDLA is your premium lighting partner from end-to-end. We offer global leadership, supply chain security, cost-effective reliability and innovative lighting. Our partnership offers over 75 years of experience in reliable analytics, energy efficiency, and sustainability. Our vertical solutions enable you with LED upgrades, connected lighting controls, and IoT digital services integration.

Vertical Solutions

The UDLA Difference


We provide supply chain security and reliably leverage global capabilities and North American manufacturing.


You are our priority. No excuses. We bring you solutions. From product questions to technical support, we have what you need when you need it.


Solutions don’t have to be complicated. Our vertically integrated solutions fit seamlessly together for a variety of applications from simple to complex. We’re a preferred brand for top Tier OEM providers.


For over 75 years we’ve earned your trust by delivering the reliable product you expect and the expertise needed so you can feel confident with your choice.


We push the industry towards increasingly higher standards and high performance products. Our solutions feature long hour lifetimes, industry leading delivered lumens, and fast installations.


We custom engineer options integrated into your solution. Ask us how our flexible retrofits meet most common fixture sizes for quick yet custom fixes. Our flexible solutions put you in control.


Our LED solutions don’t stop with the lighting. Our engineers look at the total LED light engine design to ensure a seamless unique solution. Our products undergo stringent design validation testing to ensure they work with a robust range of products.


Sustainability is not an afterthought. Our products are designed to reduce the carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions. Improve environmental safety by eliminating hazardous materials like mercury.

Technical Innovation

We have a vast technical staff with expertise in optical, thermal, electrical, software development, communications hardware, embedded system design, and mechanical design.

Our engineers look at the total LED light engine design to ensure a seamless unique solution with optimal light efficiency. Universal undergoes stringent design validation testing with a battery of rigorous tests to make sure the product works for your end application. We utilize state of the art, calibrated to NIST standards equipment to ensure everything works properly including electrical, optical, thermal, and photometric validation. Our industry-best testing helps you deliver your final precise product with confidence, and our control measures give you the quality you expect and the available inventory you need.