From our enabled luminaire and control systems to our broad components -- we offer the right connected and innovated path for optimal performance, reliability and flexibility. Our vast technical staff perform stringent design validation testing to ensure we deliver your final precise product with confidence.

Innovation is at our Core

From beginning to end - innovation is the core foundation of Universal. Our design and engineering team continue to innovate and add to our list of patents. We take pride in our part of the lighting technology timeline because we were there when it all began and we continue to innovate the lighting technologies of today.

Custom LED Strip Fixture Retrofit Solutions

Our solutions enable LED upgrades and connect lighting controls. We can help from simple LED replacement now to IoT enabled services later. One of our most popular LED Retrofit options is the LED Retrofit Strip Assembly (LRA). The LRA can transition from fluorescent to LED with no redesign or revised ceiling layout needed. Our retrofit solutions fit common fixture sizes to make upgrading easy.

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Touch To Tune

Universal’s Touch to Tune app utilizes Near-Field Communication (NFC) within the smart phone to communicate with the driver to send information between the devices. You are able to read and write (tune) from and to compatible EVERLINE PW or PWX drivers using a compatible Android device.