4 Ways to Ensure a Safe Return to Work

1. Ensure Safe Occupancy Limits & Social Distancing

Control the health & safety of your venue with safe occupancy levels. By combining Pointr’s WorkSafe solution with Panasonic’s Smart Lighting technology, a live occupancy count of the office is available throughout the day via a management dashboard. It alerts facility managers when getting above the safe occupancy level in specific zones. With real-time heatmaps, the technology also allows employers to manage congestion in the building at floor level, reduce bottlenecks and maximise work comfort.

The WorkSafe management dashboard allows facility managers to:

  • Monitor live occupancy counts per location
  • Set maximum occupancy levels in your building
  • View multi-floor occupancy analytics
  • Monitor real-time floor heatmaps & replay
Ensure Safe Occupancy Limits and Social Distancing

2. Create a Contactless Workplace Experience

To ensure a safe return to work, companies can also provide self-service tools for employees. With a workplace app, employees can navigate to the closest available desk or meeting room, safely move around offices with easily navigable maps, orient themselves and quickly access health and safety amenities such as temperature stations, hand sanitizer or PPE equipment. Workplace apps can also enable employees to share their live location with colleagues and get real-time building updates. This gives employees the confidence to navigate the workplace safely.

3. Solve Contact Tracing at Work

In the event that someone in the building does get sick, employers need to make sure that they have a plan in place to address the matter quickly and effectively. That’s where contact tracing comes in. When an employee tests positive, they give their unique anonymous WorkSafe ID that is in the WorkSafe app to their employer via a phone call or email. The employer then messages those phones that were near the employee who tested positive via the WorkSafe dashboard. As a result, employers don't have to send everyone home when one person tests positive.

Solve Contact Tracing at Work

4. Monitor Cleaning Compliance

Establishing and enforcing thorough sanitization policies will keep your building clean and give employees much-needed peace of mind as they return to the office. With our partner technology, you can monitor cleaning in real-time with timestamps and send real-time notifications to staff when an area needs to be cleaned.

The WorkSafe management dashboard allows facility managers to:

  • Track sanitization by areas & precise location
  • Timestamp each sanitization process to ensure cleaning compliance
  • Replay specific paths to optimize cleaning
  • Identify “hot zone” areas that require extra cleaning
  • Send location-based alerts to inform when an area is now safe to re-enter

Reopen your Workplace Safely

As organizations reimagine the future workplace experience, employees’ health and safety should be at the heart of digital transformation. With our solutions, employers get the tools to build intelligent workplaces and the confidence to reopen safely.

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