Human Centric LED Modules

There’s been a lot of buzz lately surrounding lighting spectrums. Research shows that lighting can affect a person’s melatonin levels which are directly responsible for awareness and sleep rhythms—crucial everyday functions. The lighting you experience in your day-to-day life can have harmful health and wellness effects if you encounter it at the wrong time of day. For example, if you experience one end of the lighting spectrum opposite to its natural occurrence, you could experience diminished productivity.

Cell phones and laptop devices are commonly pointed to as lighting sources with potentially harmful spectrums. However, commercial and industrial lighting can have the same effects. This is where human centric lighting (HCL) comes in. Human centric LED modules are intentionally designed to help regulate melatonin levels to mimic the natural lighting levels of a solar day.

It is generally understood that increasing the blue spectrum reduces melatonin for daytime awareness and vitality. Decreasing the blue spectrum increases melatonin production which is needed for deep sleep and restoration. A typical LED module has greater blue spectrum levels than its human centric cousin.

Human centric LED solutions simulate the natural effects of full sunlight or sun setting illumination indoors. Certain industries stand to greatly benefit from retrofitting their spaces with building management or lighting control systems. Healthcare facilities, hospitality spaces, education settings, and commercial office environments could all increase the health and wellness of their occupants by switching to daylight spectrums.

Hospital patients could still experience normal melatonin levels indoors without leaving the building. An on-the-go businessman could leave a hotel having slept the same amount of hours but for much deeper. A growing elementary schooler could feel more alert for longer throughout the school day.

The bottom line: a quick and easy switch to human centric LED modules is an investment with incalculable returns.

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