Upgrade your lighting to LED for increased efficiency, safety and sustainability. It’s easy to understand why more cities are supporting LED retrofit strategies for their properties. The switch is easy and the reward is high

Municipalty BLDG

The Solutions You Value

Custom Solutions

Custom solutions with the right indoor technology

Minimal Setup and Maintenance

Secure, compliant, and integrated into the Luminaire

Accurate and Secure

1-3 meter accuracy along with anonymized data, store securely in line with GDPR regulation.

Future Forward

Uses Bluetooth LE while giving control for future code compliance

Cost Effective

Reduces energy cost by 40% and reduces maintenance costs

Easy and Scalable

Easy installation, designed for integration, enterprise friendly, and supports both local and available inventory

Optimal Operations

Personalized Staff Journeys and in-depth customer analysis with heatmaps, paths, and search analytics

Municipality split

Scalable Systems for Municipal Buildings

Lighting alone can consume more than 30% of the energy used in a typical public space. Retrofitting your facilities with LED can provide immediate energy savings, increase safety, and decrease maintenance costs with easy installation. It's easy to understand why ore cities are supporting retrofit strategies to their buildings and spaces. Ask us how we can upgrade your lighting to LED for performance, efficiency and savings.