Universal Lighting Technologies

Compact Fluorescent Ballasts

Universal offers a full line of electronic compact ballasts including our award winning Mult-E Kit

Compact Fluorescent Ballast Replacement Kit

Replaces 3 SKUs with 1 versatile kit.

C2642UNV and C2642/347

For (1) or (2) 26 or (1) 32 or 42 watt quad, triple, multi lamps and others as listed on specifications sheet.

C218UNV, CT218UNV, and C218/347

For (1) or (2) 18 watt quad, triple or 2D lamps.

C213UNV, CT213UNV and C213/347

For (1) or (2) 26 or (1) 32 or 42 watt quad, triple and multi lamps.

C242UNV and C242/347

For (2) 26, 32 or 42 watt quad, triple or multi lamps.

Electronic Ballasts for Long Twin-Tube Lamps

B224PUNV-C, B239PUNV-D, B254PUNV-D, B254PUNVHB-D, B454PUNV-E, B454PUNVHB-E, and B254P347-D

For (1) or (2) 24/27, 36/39, 50 and 55 watt long twin tube lamps or 24 and 36 watt flat lamps.


For (1) or (2) 40 watt twin T5 lamps. Features include low profile and universal input voltage.

C240SIxxxRH and C340SIxxxRH

For (1) or (2) 40 watt long twin T5 lamps featuring dedicated voltage and reduced harmonics.