Universal Lighting Technologies


Universal Offers a full line of lampholders and a select lamp line to meet your needs.

Compact Fluorescent Lampholders

The majority of lampholders for compact fluorescent lamps are made of a PBT thermoplastic. The high-temperature resistance of this material, along with the fatigue-free stainless steel clips, ensure a secure and safe lamp fit.

Linear Fluorescent Lampholders

T5 and T8 fluorescent lampholders are made of various high-temperature thermoplastic materials. The pin supports in the lampholder prevent lamp pin misalignment and ensure a durable and firm contact. These are available in the traditional tombstone style and several new snap-in designs for quick and reliable mounting.


Lampholders that are pulse-rated up to 6kV are available in medium and mogul as well as the single-ended low-wattage bases.


Single-body and three-piece systems are available in candelabra, intermediate, medium and mogul bases.


Traditional ceramic and high-temperature resistant plastics are used to make lampholders for all of the most common low- and line-voltage halogen lamps.