TRK 4ft 01 Sensor Medium

LED Troffer Retrofit Kit

Universal's Troffer Retrofit Kit offers a unique Cable Installation method for fast retrofits. Available in 2X2 and 2X4 options with 0-10V Dimming, Emergency, and built in controls options with our IF(x) in fixture sensors.

LED Professional Retrofit Kit Pan Style

LED Professional Retrofit Kit - Pan Style

Universal’s LED Professional Retrofit Kit easily boosts energy efficiency and refreshes the look of older fixtures. It works by converting 1’ x 4’, 2’ x 2’, and 2’ x 4’ fluorescent recessed fixtures to LED.

LED Retrofit Kit

LED Retrofit Kit

We provide everything needed for a simple installation. EVERLINE LED Retrofit Kits convert 2’ or 4’ fixtures to LED lighting. Available in 2,300 lumens to 6,000 lumens with an 82 CRI and CCTs of 3500K, 4000K, and 5000K.

HB LRK 34 500 x 373 No Icon

LED Retrofit Kit High Bay

The High Bay LRK34 retrofits 4 foot high bay fluorescent luminaires to LED. For fast and easy install, with no redesign or revised layout needed --- choose the LRK34.

LRA 260x120

LED Strip Retrofit Assembly

The LRA is universally compatible with a variety of fluorescent strip fixtures. This product includes (1) or (2) 4’ strip fixture panels with EVERLINE LED lensed modules and EVERLINE dimming Driver pre-mounted to panels. Use the LRA for indoor applications such as retail store lighting, or outdoor applications such as parking garages and canopies.

Chain Modules LED Sign Chain System

LED Sign Chain Systems

Simple and flexible LED chains for signage, back-lighting, architectural, and specialty lighting applications.

LED T8 Tube and Driver Kit

LED T8 Tube and Driver Kits

The EVERLINE LED Tube and Driver Kit is a complete LED solution for linear fluorescent lamp replacement. Many prescriptive rebates offered by Utilities require a permanent external driver along with new lamps. Universal has created these kits with Type C LED T8 Tubes and an external LED EVERLINE Driver, making them the ideal replacement solution.