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Residential Linear

Linear Fluorescent Ballasts

ULTim8 Instant Start High Efficiency

ULTim8® High Efficiency ballasts deliver up to 8% additional energy savings over standard electronic ballast and even more when used with the new F32T8/ES (30 Watt) or F28T8 (28 Watt) lamps.

Triad T8 Instant Start High Performance (HP)

General Use T8 Applications

ULTim8 Programmed Start High Efficiency

ULTim8 Programed Start ballasts offer true parallel lamp technology, and fast start times to meet the needs of todays frequently switched applications

High Lumen T8 and T5 Ballasts

ULTim8® High Lumen ballasts are the high efficiency high ballast factor choice for high lumen T8 applications.

Basic-12 Electronic Ballasts

Basic-12 ballasts are the ideal replacement for magnetic T12 ballasts. Saves up to 20% energy without changing lamps.

High Bay T8 and T5 Ballasts

AccuStart5 HB and Ultim8 HB ballasts are designed to provide excellent performance in the high ambient temperature applications where high bay fluorescent fixtures are installed.

T5 and T5HO

Programmed Rapid Start T5 & T5HO ballasts for frequently-cycled applications. Universal voltage (120-277 volt) and High Range voltage (347-480 volt) products available.

Residential Linear

Electronic T8 ballast technology for the residential market.

Magnetic Ballasts

Magnetic fluorescent ballasts are rapidly being replaced by electronic ballasts for improved energy efficiency and function. New DOE requirements and long-term cost savings are driving the change. Until the industry has completed the transition to electronic ballasts, Universal Lighting continues to offer a full range of magnetic ballasts for all applications.

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