Universal Lighting Technologies

Wiring Devices / Sensors

Complete line of PIR & Dual-Tech occupancy sensors providing 3 mounting configurations, line voltage models & low voltage models, plus companion power packs. Dual-Tech products use ADI-Voice as a secondary sensing technology for ultra-low energy consumption.

Diversa Sensors

Ceiling Mount

Diversa ceiling-mount occupancy sensors provide basic and feature-rich lighting control in a low-profile, recessed package with an adjustable lens.

Switch Mount

Diversa switch-mount sensors provide manual and occupancy based lighting control in a familiar package.

Corner Wall Mount

Diversa corner wall-mount occupancy sensors feature a ball & socket design for optimal sensor positioning.

Power Packs

Diversa power packs are equipped with 20A pulse-controlled locking relays for line-voltage switching and a 24 VAC low-voltage power supply with control circuit.  Intended for use with Diversa low-voltage occupancy sensors.