Our solutions enable LED upgrades and connect lighting controls. We can help you get more value from your lighting with simple LED replacement and connected lighting systems of today, to IoT enabled services when you are ready to turn it on.

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LED Retrofit & Replacement Solutions

Need an LED upgrade, but not sure where to start. We make it easy. Let us help you upgrade your lighting to increase comfort, control and savings. We offer simple LED upgrades and replacements for today, and enabled IoT comprehensive solutions when you are ready to turn it on. Our approach ensures you have a comprehensive end-to-end vertical lighting solutions. Retrofit your lights today and enable your future potential.

End-to-End Vertical LED Lighting Systems


Smart retail is here. LED lighting opens a world of solutions, including intuitive wayfinding, omnichannel shopping, personalized customer experience, proximity marketing, safe building re-entry, smart check-in, seamless integration, and key data metrics.


Your visitors deserve a smart experience. With LED lighting solutions, use real-time analytics to make data-driven decisions and improve operational efficiency. Engage visitors with smart check-in features and occupancy monitoring for optimal navigation and maximum safety.


Lighting alone can consume more than 30% of warehouse energy. LED retrofits provide immediate energy savings, increased uniformity of light levels, and decrease maintenance costs. Put your extra savings towards operational costs by upgrading to LED.


Retrofit your healthcare facility with smart lighting technology for safety and modernization. Enabled LEDs can track patients and medical equipment in real-time, increasing efficiency and patient experience. Upgrade for safer, smarter healthcare spaces.

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