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A direct replacement that install directly into existing fixtures.

EVERLINE LED Type B (AC Direct or Ballast Bypass) Tubes

The EVERLINE AC Direct (Ballast Bypass) Type B LED Tubes feature a dual-ended power connection that eliminates the need to replace lamp holders during installation.

EVERLINE LED Type C (Tube and Driver Kit) Tubes

The EVERLINE LED Tube and Driver Kit is a complete LED solution for linear fluorescent lamp replacement. Many prescriptive rebates offered by Utilities require a permanent external driver along with new lamps. Allows for dimming. Bluetooth control options.

Bluetooth Fixture Controller & Sensor (BT-FMS-A)

The Douglas Lighting Controls® Bluetooth® Fixture Controller & Sensor (BT-FMS-A) provides automated individual and group control of light fixtures using onboard sensors and Bluetooth technology.

EVERLINE LED Strip Retrofit Assembly (LRA)

The EVERLINE LED Strip Retrofit Assembly (LRA) is universally compatible with a variety of fluorescent strip fixtures. This product is simple, flexible and reliable -- a great choice for upgrading fluorescent to LED.

EVERLINE LED Vapor Tight Slimline Luminaire

The EVERLINE LED Vapor Tight Slimline luminaire has UV Resistant Polycarbonate housing and lens which protects the light source and electronics from water, vapor, and contaminants.

EVERLINE LED Linear High Bay

The EVERLINE LED Linear High Bay delivers high lumen output for warehouses, factories, utility areas and more.

EVERLINE LED Strip Luminaire

The EVERLINE LED Strip luminaire is a nice choice for any application needing a simple industrial grade strip fixture.


The EVERLINE PWX Family of LED drivers offer wireless programming with 1% dimming and auxiliary output power.

EVERLINE Emergency Drivers

The EVERLINE Emergency drivers allow indoor fixtures to serve as code-compliant emergency lighting solutions.

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