We know that warranties make a difference in your purchase decisions. That's why more decision makers are switching to long lasting LED products. We are committed to high quality, and we stand behind our reliable products with the right warranty. And, we're not the only ones who think so - we were among the first in the industry to be approved for the National Lighting Bureau Trusted Warranty Evaluation Program.

You can count on Universal for five to ten year warranties on our products. Having been in business over 75 years, our products are well-known for quality - feel free to ask our customers. Products we sell today will be supported well into the future when you need replacement components. TES team continues to be available to assist you with technical questions, troubleshooting, and warranty support.

75 years of Quality

Universal is pleased to announce we are one of the first in the industry to be approved for the National Lighting Bureau’s (NLB) Trusted Warranty Evaluation Program.

The NLB Trusted Warranty Program recognizes excellence in lighting companies that meet objective quality standards and practices regarding their warranty administration. Lighting Designers, Electrical Distributors, Electrical Contractors and other Industry Stakeholders should feel comfortable specifying, buying, and installing luminaires from companies that have had their warranty department audited and approved by the NLB. The main intent of the Trusted Warranty Program is to promote excellence in responding to warranty issues and to give industry stakeholders confidence in specific manufacturers that had their warranty program inspected. https://nlb.org/


Warranty Types

See below for Warranty documents. Use our Warranty portal to process your claim.